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ZendServer admin gui access error

After installing the new version of Zend server v.6.1.0 I have experienced a problem when accessing administration gui.
Page did not render correctly and there some mootools javascript errors occurred, related to date and the time on the server.

“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘set’ of null” error occured.

To resolve this I had to set timezone in PHP.

I have added file to


After restarting zend server I was able to access administration gui.

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SSH tunnel from localhost to remote through gateway

There is a constant need to approach server on which I don’t have direct access.
Luckily, there is very simple command to gain this.

ssh -f user@gateway -L {localPort}:{remoteADDR}:{remotePORT} -N

This states that all connections to client localhost localPort will be forwarded via the SSH tunnel to gateway and then connected to host {remoteADDR} port {remotePORT}.

If getting

debug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_GROUP
Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer

You can try with defining cipher like

ssh -f -c aes128-ctr user@gateway  -L {localPort}:{remoteADDR}:{remotePORT} -N

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How to insert blob data in oracle using Doctrine DBAL

There is an easy way to insert blob data in oracle using Doctrine DBAL thanks to this fix (my little contribution to Doctrine project).

Instead of using type \PDO:PARAM_LOB as the third param in bindParam method (which I did not managed to get to work ), we can use type \PDO:PARAM_STR and specify fourth param, string length (implemented in mentioned fix).

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Add trailing slash to the end of the URL with .htaccess Rewrite Rules

There are many ways to add a missing trailing slash to the end of the url using .htaccess rewrite rules but I want to focus on one that I have found to be the simplest.

After setting up the soap web server and sending end point url to a client, they started using it, but without the trailing slash which led to the HTTP response status code 301 Moved Permanently.

Trying to solve the problem with the .htaccess rewrite rule I have asked a colleague who has experience with the MVC framework.

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How to auto deploy apps after git push

During the recent implementation of git as our new distributed revision control system we have focused on simplifying the procedure for deploying apps.

Since our mantra is “one click that solves all” we have dug and finally found a solution that meets this requirement.

The procedure is simple and I’ll describe it in a few steps.

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